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        "Managerial activities enjoy various utility coeficient in various organizational context"

                                                                                                          - Viktor St. Hadjiev 

Dr. Viktor St. Hadjiev, Ph.D.; Management Center “OPEN MIND” LTD. ; tel. 011359 892519876, LTD.

  Sustainable organizational functioning is possible then, when management systematically enhances the administrative capacity of the organization. Generally this is achieved by limiting the share of administrative (bureaucratic) costs in relation to production costs. Administrative cost reduction is attainable through deliberate and systematic measurement of employees performance level. The role of management in this procespost-DNAs down to constantly redefining management priorities and setting adequate management objectives, within a very short period of time. This requires not only excellent comprehension of the organizational process, but also the ability of management to determine the optimal balance of key management activities necessary for the implementation of an initiated strategic change. 
  This balance is achieved by defining the utility coefficient of each one of these activities in the process of organizational development and growth in view of the managerial situation at hand. This creates an organizational dynamics, which leads to measurable and predictable managerial result. The established organizational dynamics sets a sustainable organizational functioning framework that serves as a prerequisite for quantitative and qualitative growth. This framework systematically increases organizational competences and level of competitiveness. In my management program the optimum balance of activities is determined on the ground of compatibility between optimal organizational functioning and the utility coefficient of each one of the key managerial activities.
     Basic argument herein is that organizational sustainability is a result of the compatibility level between the established optimal organizational functioning framework, on the one hand, and the potential of management personnel in the organization, on the other. This compatibility level in turn allows not only to increase administrative capacity of the organization, but also to determine its potential to initiate and successfully implement strategic changes.

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